Custom Groupage

The experience gained in the containers consolidation with our services GROUPAGE VIAMAR TRANSIT, allows us to also offer a “tailor-made” service for any destination in the world.

This type of service is aimed at those who buy goods from different suppliers/ shippers and want to optimize transport costs, grouping it so that it is shipped in a single container.

Currently we offer this service to important Design Dealer Suppliers who buy in Italy and Europe goods for CENTRAL SOUTH AMERICA: MEXICO, PANAMA, COSTA RICA, SANTODOMINGO, GUATEMALA, HONDURAS

Full Container Load (FCL)

Whether the origin is Italy or a European Country, be it perishable or dangerous goods (ADR/IMO), heavy or light, we take care of all the stages of your shipments, combining land transport with maritime.

Groupage Viamar (LCL)

The groupage service consists in grouping in a single container goods of different consignors, destined to different customers in the same geographic area.

Custom Groupage

Service aimed at those who buy goods from different Suppliers/ Shipper and want to optimize the cost of transport grouping it so that it is shipped in a single container.

Groupage (LCL)

For destinations for which we do not have our direct services, we cooperate with the main co-loaders on the market – acting as intermediaries – for a professional and accurate shipment management.

Cross Trade

The entry into the global market of emerging industrial powers such as China, India or Brazil has led to a revolution: the most disparate types of goods are increasingly purchased in countries other than those that historically held the leadership in the global market. This has given rise to this new type of shipment ABROAD / ABROAD.

Project cargo and rolling stock (RO/RO)

It is a real project aimed at organizing the transport of heavy and “out of gauge” materials. Cargo is available in different shapes and sizes, ranging from heavy cargo, break-bulk cargo, and “out of gauge”.
Roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) involves the transport of wheeled vehicles and loads arranged on platforms or in containers, loaded and unloaded by means of vehicles equipped with wheels independently and without the aid of external mechanical means.

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